Design Facilitation

Design Facilitation with Tribe Innovation

During my time at William and Mary studying government, I cofounded a design consultancy called Tribe Innovation. The purpose of this organization is to educate students in the design thinking process through hands-on workshops while solving a challenge in our local community. Below is one of the 12 workshops I facilitated.

Design Thinking for Sustainability

Discover & Define

In October of 2018 Tribe Innovation partnered with William and Mary Sustainability to decrease greenhouse gas usage on our campus. We first reviewed the past decade of data that the Center had collected and drafted this problem statement:

How might we encourage students to use less greenhouse gases on campus?

With a clearly defined challenge we set out interviewing seventeen students about their day-to-day. As a result, we created the following persona to help keep the student at the center of our process:


Next we invited a variety of individuals to participate in a design thinking workshop to address the pains and gains of Busy Brooke. Participants included environmental science students, marketing majors, business school professors, as well as friends with a beginner’s mindset.

After sharing our discovery work with the participants we brainstormed potential solutions. I asked questions to the participants in order to free up their creative thinking such as, “what is a solution that wouldn’t solve this problem but that you think is interesting?” I encouraged participants’ creativity by following 4 rules:
1. Go for quantity over quality
2. Build off others
3. Suggest wild ideas
4. Defer Judgment


In total we came up with 143 ideas. Then, through a multi-voting process we converged on seven ideas to prototype. Of those, two moved on to a higher prototype stage.

These two prototypes were presented to the Director of Sustainability who decided that they deserved further exploration. These prototypes are currently being developed and reviewed.

My role as the Lead Facilitator is not to make sure the solution is a good one. Rather, my focus is on the process we use to come to that solution. By having a high integrity process to follow, positive solutions naturally surface.